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Knapps Lawyers Michael Stocker

Adaptable, tech-savvy, and empathetic, Michael embraces the philosophy of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers.”  It’s all about adopting whatever method is needed to make the law more accessible, understandable, and useful for clients and the community at large.

Business and commercial law is certainly Michael’s thing!  Working with a range of businesses and organisations, including SME’s, property development, forestry and food production, Iwi organisations, and registered charities pretty much describes his client base.  He advises at both operational and governance levels.   But he does love a good contract and has a special skill for taking complex information and distilling it into actionable advice.

Michael is committed to helping clients achieve their goals in a way that benefits not only their bottom line, but also their community and the planet.  Clients appreciate his straightforward approach, and Michael takes pride in being able to help them navigate even the most challenging legal matters.

Graduating in 2008, Michael began his legal career in Dunedin. In 2011, he moved to the UK to join the in-house legal team at Ricardo PLC, a publicly listed engineering and technology company. His can-do attitude and simplified approach to law saw him reinvigorate Ricardo’s legal team.  Working within a dynamic global company, he gained valuable experience of the challenges businesses face and the need for legal professionals to stay fresh and relevant in an ever-changing environment.  Michael returned home to Nelson in 2016 and joined his father’s firm, Knapps Lawyers.

Michael is a strong advocate for climate conscious legal advice.  He supports local and national efforts to bring climate change considerations into commercial transactions. He is also becoming actively involved in the strategic direction of the firm.





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315 Hardy Street, Nelson
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